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13 January 2009 @ 06:43 pm
Entries from January 8th and 10th...  
I racked my brains on those two, I guess it only shows that I'm not a fan anymore but a fanatic!
Anyway... enjoy!



Are you doing alright ?

Yesterday, I went out to eat with Kazu-kun and Jun-kun.
Even though I say none of my friends are holding on to,
Kazu-kun and I spent about 3 hours at Mac Donalds.
As always, they were, how I should put it, calm people
they're not crazy and I can follow my pace with them so it was fun.
It seems to be a periodic cure, right ?
During the evening we talked about me not updating my blog regurlarly*,
but as I said, it's because I have nothing to say, lol!
On the contrary, it's a complete wonder to me that people have so many things to write about.
So I said "well then I'll stop the blog", lol.
It's not a blog anyway,
I wonder what's this thing...

I went back to Nagoya for the new year period.
I played Wii for the first time at a friend's house.
I humiliated myself.
But that's really interesting.
My wishlist's getting bigger again.
I healed some of the fatigue I piled up during the year at home.
My dog is really cute. It's soooo cute.

Well, it's cute.



Are you doing alright ?

Yesterday, after the rehearsal, Hibiki and I went to see 9 goats' live.
But it looked like they had problems with their equipment.
They felt bitter about it, so I think next time they'll do much better.
From now on, when I think about how many more lives we're gonna play
I figure that kind of problem might be a necessary evil to improve.
Just now I wanted to write "live" but I wrote "love" instead*.
There's gotta be someone somewhere who says live is like making love.
Will it become trendy.
Or not ?
I want it to become trendy, but it's shameful.
However I want Hati-kun's bass.
It may be 4 times as expensive as mine.
I shouldn't compare it to mine, 'cause mine's so cheap.
He let me play a little on his and it was so good.
I'm jealous.

They said it was gonna rain today so I was prepared for it,
but we just had regular rain.
So instead of looking like the yeti, abominable snowman, Hibiki looked like the abominable rainman.
It's as cold as a fucking ski slope.
The heat tech** won't betray me.
The heat tech won't lie to me.

Today is the birthday of my dear friend Jun Takai.
My friend. We're all gonna celebrate.
Just wait Jun-kun.
We're coming to get you.

The day after tomorrow, we'll make love* in Osaka !


TN* : In Japanese "Live" is "raibu", so instead of writing "raibu" he wrote "aibu" which actually means "caress". I translated it by "love" because it's close to "live" in English, but in the end I translated it by "making love" to give it the sexual meaning of "aibu".
**: Do you remember the heat tech ? lol! he's talking about his uniqlo underwear (I think it's underwear)

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Shii Sofiekoji304 on January 13th, 2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
thank you so much, these two were... so Yukino XD
☆: ryo_usotsuki_ on January 13th, 2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
LIVE & LOVE really are similar (not just the word XD)

& yes, I want hati's bass too ;__;